First and foremost let me be the first to say WELCOME! We're extremely excited to have your apart of our little family; now lets get you all setup!

We created this page to simplify the process of on-boarding our new ambassadors. So if you have any questions at all during these steps please reach out to your Team Lead for clarification and help! 

Step 1: Lets get you tagged up

Instagram Requirements 
Add the following to your profile :
-Team Flatout : @flatoutapparel
-Our website link : www.flatoutapp.com

To do this you will need to Click "Edit Profile" from your mobile. Make sure the links are clickable! And if you already have your own website linked in your profile you can disregard that part.


Flatout Instagram Setup

Facebook Requirements:
Add the following to your About Info :
- Brand Ambassador at Flatout Apparel Inc

To do this you will need to click "About Info" on your phone or "Edit Details" on your desktop. From there you will click "Add Work Experience" (Mobile) or "Add A Work Place" (Desktop). Once there Type "Flatout Apparel Inc" and for your Job Title Type "Brand Ambassador". Click save and you're done tagging up!

Flatout Step Two Setup


Step 2: Create an account 

Click this link here : https://flatoutapp.com/account/register

If you already have an account setup on our website - disregard this step, and let your Team Lead know this part is complete.


We will then modify your account to include your ambassador discount (which is an average of 30-50% of products), so that anytime you log in moving forward your new discounted pricing will populate. You will also have a live view of stock on hand once you're on product pages as well.

 Your team lead will then create and provide you with your own personalized discount code for you to use to entice sales (Example : "FLAT10" for 10% OFF). Please NOTE Discount codes ARE NOT to be posted permanently anywhere. We recommend utilizing them in your IG Story posts, or by ENGAGING with your potential buyers saying things like "message me for a discount". This way you can have a conversation with your customer, and also help with any questions they may have (relationships are everything - so this is where your customer service experiences can shine and help close deals!).

Step 3: Introduction Post

We're now ready to invite you to our private "Team Flatout" Facebook Page! This is where most of our internal conversation will be posted; which can include all kinds of things. Events, photoshoot opportunities, products / samples coming, sales / promotions, important updates, monthly internal contests, etc.

So now this is the part where you get to tell our little family all about you! We definitely recommend going all out on this post; some ideas can be to tell us what you do for work, hobbies / passions of yours, sports you may play, things you like to do, websites, social media accounts, etc - don't hold back; this is your time to shine! Feel free to post a picture of yourself too!

Step 4: Commission Plan

Check your email - you will be getting a "confirmation" for setting this part up as the first part of getting this working.

How it works:
Step #1 - Customer selects your "Ambassador Name" in the shopping cart page as seen in the pictures below.

Step #2 - Customer enters your specific "Ambassador Code" in the check out discount code section- as seen in pictures below .

* Note - for orders to be considered for "commission" payouts - BOTH STEPS must be completed when they process the order through. The reason for this is because anybody can select an ambassadors name at the "cart stage" - so to know you helped them specifically, they'll need to do both things.

So YOU Earn 5% on all your sales, but ALSO your customer gets 10% off their order too .

A Breakdown of how it works on the back end:
-Ambassador Earns : 5% Commission (After Discounts & Taxes)
-Customer Earns : 10% Off Their Entire Order

The best part is all commission earned is accumulative - meaning you can collect, and then you can cash in. While I test out this new system the "commission" earned will be used to purchase Flatout Gear; and Gift Cards (In the near future).So look at it as a way to be rewarded with FREE Gear!

Important Note: Commissions can ONLY be earned on customers full margin orders. It will NOT apply to any personal orders. I will be able to monitor all orders that come in marked with your names, so please don't abuse the system.

I can mark each order "Approved / Canceled / Ineligible / Paid / Unpaid" etc - so I can keep track of everything going on!

Additional Notes: When you add it all up - a customer gets 10% off their order, you get 5%, that's 15% off the top. Then you add a 3% Credit Card Fee (If used), and if orders go over $100 the customer can use "Free Shipping" (which can be anywhere from 10-20$ extra depending where they live) which erodes profits as well. So if you can ever "pickup" or "deliver" orders to your friends / family it is extremely helpful for the business!

For the new ambassadors - please also note that "Free Shipping" only apply's to regular customers orders - as you already get your discount on orders and the only way for us to be able to include it is by getting full margin orders. EMT (Email Money Transfer) Payments are always preferred if possible. Especially for ambassador orders.

Please add this link to your favorites so you can freely check on your own - If any customers have used your name and discount code at checkout, once you login you'll be able to review what was order, and also the commission earned! There's also an option in the "Settings" on the website to email you every time your code is used for simplicity.

Step 5:
 Tell The World!

Although not mandatory - we highly recommend making a post on your social media accounts telling people about your new venture!

This will do a few things for you :
1) Make people aware of your new ambassadorship
2) Instantly helps you promote your new discount code for sales
3) Builds credibility and shows people you're committed

The easiest way to any kind of purchase or sale is by people "trusting" you. People want to know you're invested and in it for the long haul! My biggest word of advice is to put your own spin on things; people want the authentic you! Not a copied and pasted version. So have fun with branding yourself! Remember you weren't born to be basic, you we're born to stand out!


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