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Ambassador Onboarding


We're extremely excited to have you a part of our little family; now let's get you all setup!

We created this page to simplify the process of on-boarding our new Ambassadors. So if you have any questions at all during these steps please reach out to Caitlyn for clarification and help!

Step 1: Lets get you tagged up

Instagram Requirements 
Add the following to your profile :
-Team Flatout : @flatoutapparel
-Our Website Link : www.flatoutapp.com

To do this you will need to Click "Edit Profile" from your mobile. Make sure the links are clickable! And if you already have your own website linked in your profile consider possibly using LinkTree which will basically allow you to add multiple links on another window.

Flatout Instagram Setup

Facebook Requirements:
Add the following to your About Info :
- Brand Ambassador at Flatout Apparel Inc

To do this you will need to click "About Info" on your phone or "Edit Details" on your desktop. From there you will click "Add Work Experience" (Mobile) or "Add A Work Place" (Desktop). Once there Type "Flatout Apparel Inc" and for your Job Title Type "Brand Ambassador". Click save and you're done tagging up!

Flatout Step Two Setup


Step 2: Create your website account

Click this link here : https://flatoutapp.com/account/register

If you already have an account setup on our website - disregard this step, and let us know this part is complete.


We will then modify your account to include your ambassador discount. Your discount starts at 30% OFF site wide. Once you're officially setup and anytime you log in moving forward your new discounted pricing will populate automatically.

Effective January 2022 we have modified our discount structure in a way that allows you to increase your discount once you achieve certain total sales revenue. [detailed below]

Ambassadors Sales:
$0 - $7499 (30% OFF SITE WIDE)
$7500 - $19,999 (35% OFF SITE WIDE)
$20,000 - $49,000 (40% OFF SITE WIDE)
$50,000 - $99,999 (45% OFF SITE WIDE)
$100,000+ (50% OFF SITE WIDE)

If you ever want to see stock levels all you need to do is go to the product page itself, and click on the size you're curious about and it will let you know.

Notes for orders through your portal:

  • “Free Shipping” at checkout will only apply to Ambassador orders OVER $150, as we utilize the full margins in customers order to be able to compensate for having to pay for it. If your order is under $150 please add preferred shipping method.
  • "Free Gifts" at checkout (if applicable) only apply to customers paying full retail. If you want to purchase accessories you can add them to your cart with your internal discount.

Step 3: Setup your ambassador portal

Click this link to signup : http://bit.ly/flatoutsignup

Once we receive your registration info we will approve it on our end and assign you your new discount code! After this is done, you will then be able to login with the credentials you set up.

After you login – please go to your account settings and fill out as much of the bio section as you can (name, address, facebook, Instagram, etc) and upload a picture! Select your payment option as “Accept Store Credit”.

Note: once an Ambassador hits $5,000 revenue we can then discuss paying out via Paypal. If you want to enter this information now, go for it, but it is not required at this time.

For more details I uploaded a video here on a quick breakdown of how it all works : Click Here

After you login – please go to your account settings and fill out as much of the bio section as you can (name, address, facebook, Instagram, etc) and upload a picture! Then browse to the payment settings and enter your “paypal” email there as well. For more details I uploaded a video here on a quick breakdown of how it all works : Click Here


How your code works: Customers will utilize your discount code to generate 10% off their orders (this can be entered on the cart page or checkout page). Every use of your code you will earn you 5% commission and will be payable in either store credit or paypal payouts.

Important Notes for codes:

  • Your discount codes are meant for customers and NOT your own orders. Please make sure when you are ordering your own personal item(s) you are not applying further discounts to your already automatic ones prior to checking out.
  • Your Ambassador 30% discount is only for you & your spouse/household. (If your kids or partner would like to be suited up you can order through your discount. All others can utilize the discount code
  • Your discount codes ARE NOT to be posted permanently anywhere, this includes comments, captions, and posts. We recommend utilizing them in stories, or by simply using a call to engage such as "message me for a discount", "Link in BIO", etc. This way you can have a conversation with your customer, and also help with any questions they may have (relationships are everything - so this is where your customer service experiences can shine and help close deals).

For any other questions on how everything works please do not hesitate to reach out.

For Your Information: When you add it all up - a customer gets 10% off their order, you get 5%, that's 15% off the top. Then you add a 3% Credit Card Fee (if used), and if orders go over $99 the customer can use "Free Shipping" (which can be anywhere from 10-30$ extra depending where they live) which erodes profits as well. So if you can ever "pickup" or "deliver" orders to your friends / family it is extremely helpful for the business and (again) helps with relationships!

Step 4: Introduction Post

You’re almost there!

We're now ready to invite you to our private "Team Flatout" Facebook Page! This is where most of our internal conversations will be posted such as - weekly updates, events, photoshoot opportunities, products/samples coming, sales/promotions, important updates, monthly internal contests, etc.

This is the part where you get to tell our little family all about you! We definitely recommend going all out on this post; some ideas can be to tell us what you do for work, hobbies/passions of yours, sports you may play, things you like to do, websites, social media accounts, how you found Flatout, etc - don't hold back; this is your time to shine! Post a picture of yourself too - this helps us all get to know you a bit more and know the face behind the social media!

After your introductory post we will also invite you to our IG chats - we have 1 for ‘content’ and 1 for Team updates. The Facebook has all the information you will need to know what is happening, the Team IG Chat will be where you can find links to new posts (Caitlyn will go over this more later), and the content group is more for outside stuff. We use the content group for sharing your posts & stories to get the team to engage with, we use it to chat and joke, and it is really just for anything and everything you want to chat with the team about!

Step 5: Tell The World!

We highly recommend making a post on your social media accounts telling people about your new venture!

This will do a few things for you :
1) Make people aware of your new ambassadorship
2) Instantly helps you promote your new discount code for sales
3) Builds credibility and shows people you're committed

The easiest way to any kind of purchase or sale is by people "trusting" you. People want to know you're invested and in it for the long haul! My biggest word of advice is to put your own spin on things; people want the authentic you! Not a copied and pasted version. So have fun with branding yourself! Remember you weren't born to be basic, you we're born to stand out!

1 more thing before you’re all set up!! Please read & sign below

* Disclaimer

Flatout Apparel Inc. reserves the right to adjust the ambassador roster to reflect adequate performance at any time. Failure to comply with ambassador tasking can result in immediate removal from the roster. Team members must also represent Flatout Apparel Inc. in a professional and positive way (at all times) or immediate dismissal will occur. Flatout Apparel Inc. also reserves the right to utilize all photography (whether professional or personal) of Ambassadors (current or past) wearing our product or gear in advertisements/marketing material. All ambassadors must also not be currently affiliated, and or plan to be affiliated with any conflicts of interest (Ex: multiple apparel brands at the same time or like companies). All internal discussions on private pages (FB, IG, Emails etc) are also to be kept between the team, and the team alone; failure to do so could result in dismissal and or legal action. If you agree to all the terms above please e-sign our disclaimer below.


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