How We Started
Welcome to Flatout Apparel HQ! The brand was officially created by Jean-yves Jobin in Edmonton, AB (Canada) back in February 2017! Jean-yves idea to create an athleisure wear company stemmed from running his own personal training company (Flatout Fitness) for many years prior. His interest in clothing began when he noticed his clients complaining about poor materials they were wearing and the lack of quality choices out there!

So Jean-yves combined his passion for fitness with his love for creating to bring a whole new spin to the clothing market today. From the superior custom fabrics to the creative designs, Flatout Apparel goes above and beyond to create items that perform with all life's activities!

Fast forward and his vision has become a reality! Being one of the fastest growing athleisure brands in Canada today as they continue to bring top quality products to the market, impeccable customer service, and an amazing community that follows.

Our Mission
Is to create a brand that people are proud to wear by making products that are truly versatile with everything that we do! From everyday outtings, to sports, to work, to hobbies and everything in between. We strive to push the envelope and bring items to those that live an all or nothing lifestyle.

We hope that every one of you gets to experience what it is like to be a part of the Flatout Family Community!

Time Line :
January 2010 - Flatout Fitness Was Created

January 2010 to November 2016 -
A Community Continued To Grow

November 2016 - The Transition From Flatout Fitness to Apparel Began

Our Brand Logos Were Born 


January 2017 - Our First Launch of Hats 

Our Brand Started To Grow 

July 2017Our First Flatout Party

Our Brand Continued To Grow

A Team Of Ambassadors Formed

Nov 2018 - Flatout Incorporated

June 2019 - Flatout Hall Party

October 2020Breast Cancer Fundraiser
We Raised $1750 To Donate To The Alberta Cancer Foundation

June 2022Team Flatout Laser Tag

February 2023 - Ice District Collaboration Collection

Above collection items can be found at:
Edmonton Ice District Authentics

To Be Continued....