Rob Barros

Name : Rob Barros
Age : 44
Hometown : Calgary, AB
What do you do full time : CTO & CCO for an Insurance Brokerage.
Favorite way to stay in shape : Hitting the gym
Hobbies / Favorite way to pass your time : If I’m not working I’m usually at the gym. Love to explore music, watch sports and hang out with friends or family.
Favorite cheat meal : Always down for Vietnamese food or a hearty donair!
If you could have any super power; what would it be : Super strength to hit those PBs I’m chasing
If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be : Snacks!!!
What celebrity or role model would you want to meet : Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Little known fact, I’ve been trying to get him to follow me on IG for years. Maybe nows the time DJ! ALL OR NOTHING!