Jean-yves Jobin

Name : Jean-yves Jobin
Age : 37
Hometown : Edmonton, AB
What do you do full time : CEO
Favorite way to stay in shape : Hitting the gym & working out!
Hobbies / Favorite way to pass your time : Listening to personal development books, walking our dog, and doing photography!
Favorite cheat meal : Anything that is 'labeled' bad for you. Candy, chocolate, chips, ice cream pizza, etc - huge sweet tooth!
If you could have any super power; what would it be : Being a master influencer and helping people become better versions of themselves!
If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be : Sunscreen - ain't nobody got time for getting burnt! 
What celebrity or role model would you want to meet : I'd have to say Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) - growing up I use to watch wrestling as a kid, and he was always one of my favorites to watch. And as I grew up I watched him progress from wrestler to super movie star - and his story about where he came from, and where is now is completely inspiring!