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On behalf of the Owner and Myself, I  just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put in an application! Secondly, we hope you're just as excited as we are, because we got some big things in the works!

So with that being said, and after some review - we definitely believe you'd be a great fit for what we're trying to accomplish; and would be an amazing addition to our already thriving team!

But before we can get started we just wanted to go over one more little tid bit; so if you're open to everything that follows below we can get the process going!

Becoming A Flatout Apparel Brand Ambassador – The Coles Notes; so the reason “why” were looking for more Ambassadors right now is because we're really trying to find people that want to be apart of something BIG! We have ALOT of goals and aspirations for where we want to take this company, and this is only the beginning! February 2021 will officially make us 5 years old (since the idea became a reality), and it's pretty crazy how much we've branched out since then – So with that being said – the branding continues! And we would love to have you apart of that mission! So what does it mean to be an Ambassador? It means going that extra mile – and doing whatever it takes to really get our name out there (Wearing / repping your gear proudly, promoting to your friends & family, sharing our posts, attending events, participating in photo shoots, inviting people to like our Facebook page, Instagram, etc)! It's those of you that we see putting the time in, that will be rewarded... and even greatly once the company really does start to get more recognition! So with the right people, and right team, we can really expedite the process so to speak!

So that's where YOU come in! We're NOT looking for people to just “tag up” their social media saying they're ambassadors – We want people that are eager and passionate to get others wearing, and rocking our products! People that really understand the meaning of being "Flatout"! But don't fret! We don't expect you guys to be harassing anybody, or to be posting every day or spamming your social media.. just making an honest effort to do posts / requirements, talking / chatting to people in real life, and trying to drive people to the website to make sales etc! The more we branch out – the more we can offer back to you guys; so essentially it's a win win! With opportunities opening up every other week – and a lot of things coming down the pipes in the future!

So if this all sounds like something you'd like to be apart of – let your Team Lead know you're ready to embark on this new journey with us and we can start getting you all setup!

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