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Marc Leblanc

Name :
 Marc Leblanc
Age : 27
Hometown : Dieppe, NB
What do you do full time :  Work as a Community Peace Officer
Favorite way to stay in shape : Crossfit for about 7 years, and now just workout and anything athletic
Hobbies / Favorite way to pass your time : If i’m not working you can usually find me at the gym or Riding my Bike, going on Hikes or some type of Adventures, Hanging out with Friends, playing sports or Binge watching Netflix.
Favorite cheat meal : Pizza, Ice Cream is a must! and who doesn’t like Donuts?
If you could have any super power; what would it be :  Being able to Teleport
If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be : Probably a friend because who doesn’t like good company
What celebrity or role model would you want to meet : Tom Cruise cuz he’s a bad ass


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