Abby Choma

Name :
Abby Choma
Age : 29
Hometown : Dartmouth, NS
What do you do full time :  Work (Information and Referrals Specialist and Trainer/Educator at AHS)
Favorite way to stay in shape : Dancing, Gym (strength training), Yoga, Piyo
Hobbies / Favorite way to pass your time :  Reading Writing fiction Watching true crime, horror movies, documentaries and musicals Cooking (especially trying new recipes) Hanging out with my dog, Louie Eating Tacos
Favorite cheat meal : Tacos
If you could have any super power; what would it be :  Telepathy and telekinesis.... but teleportation would be useful as I’m always running late.
If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be : Louie. An iPad with wifi.
What celebrity or role model would you want to meet :  Jamie Lee Curtis and Anna Kendrick